Northern Bank & Trust issue

Tiller seems to have a lot of connection issues with Northern Bank & Trust. I don’t have 2FA enabled nor is it an option, but it is always a 2 step verification process getting them to talk to each other.
When it works, it is a very slow process, taking several minutes (connection delays) to complete both steps. When it fails, like today (which happens often) I see this screen:

I have checked the Outage Database and NB&T is not listed. Please look into this ongoing issue with NB&T.

It has been 30 days since NB&TC has updated, what are you all doing to get this addressed and corrected?

Hi @J_E_F_F,

Please reach out directly to about data feed issues when you want us to look deeper into an issue. We can contact our data provider in most cases to help you get it resolved. We don’t have the information we need here in the community to triage these types of issues.

We are also making some improvements to the Tiller Console Account Summary that should hopefully speed things up or at least provide clearer information about what’s going on when accounts take a while to refresh. We hope to roll these out in the next few weeks.


I did, and I replied 30 hours ago and it has not even been read yet.

Thanks @J_E_F_F.

I see your message in our support tool. Generally, our response time can vary from 1-3 days depending on our support volume after the first response.

It looks like next step is for us to contact our data provider about this unexpected site error. This process can take several days to get to a resolution.

In the mean time, you can manually add account data using these steps as a guide.

Thanks for your patience.


that’s information on action/progress, that’s what I’m looking for, thanks