Ally Bank connection error

I’ve been a satisfied TillerSheets customer for ~6 months, but last week my Ally Bank connection began failing. I confirmed I can login via Ally’s website, but no luck through the Tiller web console. It simply states “error”, and when I re-enter my user/password to Tiller console (which I know are accurate), I get the message:

“Uh oh. It looks like we’re having issues connecting to this site for some reason. unfortunately, we don’t know when this will be resolved. Please come back later to try again”.

After searching the web (and this site) for issues related to Ally connections, all I can find is a thread about sync issues starting in January of last year.

Is anyone else having sync issues with Ally Bank? Do you have any other troubleshooting recommendations for this issue?


Ok, my ignorance of the Tiller community was shown: I found the “Known Data Feed Issues” page, and Ally is listed as a known issue during my time frame. For the record, I thought a “connection issue” would be different than a “feed issue”, since you can have a connection but not receive the feed of transactions.