Exciting Progress Underway With Bank Feed Improvements at Tiller

Originally published at: Exciting Progress Underway With Bank Feed Improvements At Tiller - Tiller

Progress is humming along with bank feed improvements at Tiller, and we’re just getting started.

Last week our engineering team gathered in Seattle to wire-up a new account aggregator with Tiller. We felt a bit giddy as we tested the new aggregator with live transactions feeding into a Tiller-powered spreadsheet. 

It’s not ready for customers and much work remains, but it was a huge milestone. 

Tiller is unique in our industry in the ways each of you rely on our bank data feeds. 

Many financial apps work well with a rough signal that doesn’t require accuracy. For example, your bank might use an aggregator in hopes they can see all of your accounts and recommend a mortgage or 529 plan based on the life events they identify from your transaction stream. 

Another fintech app might evaluate your creditworthiness based on a recent month of spending data. This is the predominant use of transaction data in the industry, and it simply requires a directional signal that works even if one account doesn’t remain connected or another account is missing a set of transactions. 

But that’s not how you use Tiller. You are looking for consistent fidelity across all of your accounts in your own private spreadsheets, updated every day. And we know you pay attention to the details! 

We’re also different from many banks and fintech companies in our business model. 

Our success isn’t predicated on selling you other services, accounts, or loans. Our mission is to keep you in control of your money. Your subscription fee is the sole source of Tiller’s revenue. We don’t mine nor see your data.

To achieve our goals of delivering the best bank feeds possible, we’re not simply wiring up the next most popular aggregator that advertises the most connected banks. 

This engineering sprint was part of a rigorous process to evaluate the leading aggregators in a live environment, pulling real data into a spreadsheet, and putting each aggregator through the paces against a long list of criteria that we’ve identified as mission-critical to our product goals and your success with Tiller.

All of this ties to our 2023 commitment to rock solid bank feeds. And success isn’t just about adding a new aggregator. We’re continuing to push the envelope with what’s possible with our existing aggregator. This includes the new Tiller Console experience we’ve updated this summer, making it faster and easier to securely connect and refresh your banks. 

Our vision for the best bank feeds possible remains: every customer should be able to reliably, easily, and persistently connect all of their banks to their spreadsheets with Tiller. Stay tuned as we push forward.