Still Room for Improvement in Feeds Quality

This is really cool the way the people at Tiller connect, both with each other and with us the Tiller user community. I have really enjoyed using Tiller this past half year and like how I can get a good picture of my budget (which I designed in my own sheet). I was one of the people who came over from Microsoft’s Money in Excel.

At this time, there are 3 accounts I have that do not link. Ironically 2 of them did when I first joined Tiller, and one never has. Using Tiller for me always means that I have to do more work to keep my spreadsheet current and accurate, than simply downloading the transactions from the accounts that are successfully connected.

T Mobile Money can be tracked with manual transactions. It is extra work, but it at least keeps my spreadsheet accurate. As you know, my Meijer Mastercard has lost connection, and so it now has to be manually updates, as well as Corebridge Financial which used to work when they were known as AIG but will not link today.

I have also reported that Plaid (which Money in Excel used) does successfully import right now from all 3 of these accounts. Plaid is used to download account data with both NerdWallet and YNAB. So I hope that you can find the way to resolve the downloading issues with these 3 accounts before my renewal comes up, because as much as I like Tiller, I would probably not renew it without a successful connection to these three accounts. To be fair, Quicken does not connect with T Mobile Money or Corebridge Financial either, so this was why I originally liked that Tiller at least picked up 2 of the 3 accounts that are now not functioning correctly.

Thanks for your attention to this.

Paul Schroeder

@dsrtsng yes, thanks for writing - this is at the heart of our focus on feeds. We want to address situations just like yours. We hear from customers both that Tiller supports accounts their other tools do not, and we hear cases like yours where Tiller doesn’t support an account but another tool does. We’re reviewing our aggregation solutions from the ground up this year to maximize coverage for all customers.

Thank you Peter for answering. I can only imagine what challenges this entails. It is probably a moving target too. In my case, 2 of the 3 accounts that do not get a feed used to work. I am sure this kind of thing can drive you crazy.

Best of luck as you continue to strengthen your platform, and I hope I will be able to continue using it productively in the future.

Paul Schroeder