Problems with Citibank

My Citibank account link has been saying “Site Unavailable” for the last several days. Is anyone else having a problem with Citibank?

Per the link below, Citibank is merging two URLs associated with Citi under a single URL/aggregation stream. This may impact your data feeds. We expect these migrations to continue through the coming days. As we learn more about the impacts we’ll update on the link below.

It appears that I can add a new Citibank account. It looks like the URL has changed? Does anyone know what the pros and cons of re-adding an account would be and how I would merge that will my previous account?

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This seems to still be an issue:

Technical Error
Uh oh. It looks like we’re having issues connecting to this site for some reason. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this will be resolved. Please come back later to try again.

Any idea when this will be resolved? This is one of the reasons I am trying an alternative to Mint (because their feeds largely don’t work as expected).

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I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for but I successfully access and pull data from my Citi accounts every day.

There was a new process announced in October. Maybe there’s a clue there?

The problem is that it’s not even allowing me to connect to my Citibank account at all. I am able to log into Citibank using oAuth but when it redirects back to my Google Spreadsheet it throws an error.

well that sure sucks. so sorry. i wish i had a good answer for you.

@haydenhancock did you get this solved? If not, have you already reached out to our support team using the chat in the lower right corner of the Console at That’s the best course of action for issues like this.