Capital One Outage Question

Hello, I see Capital One is currently in an outage. However, I can update the account balance in the Tiller Console, BUT the transactions are not being updated in my budget sheet. Is that normal behavior?

Did you re-authenticate from the console? I often find that when the console says all is ok, the spreadsheet update reveals that is not true. Unless I go through the process of getting the special one time code, via the console, I find the spreadsheet update will NOT have the latest Capital One balance/transactions.

I just checked - to test, re-authenticated, updated and my spreadsheet has the latest and greatest transactions/balances from Capital One.(this was done about noon PT USA).

I updated the Capital One account via the Tiller Console this morning by using the code as you described. I am still not getting updated transactions in my budget sheet. @heather Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


As far as I can see on our side transactions for Capital One were pulled into our database as of today. Are you still not seeing those in your sheet?

@heather I just checked and it looks like they must have just updated in the last couple hours. Before now, the last updated transactions from Capital One I had were from Jan 18. I have updated the account several times between then and now. Not sure what the multi-day delay was.