One more time...Capital One issue

Once again, I am having problems refreshing my feed from Capital One. I’m not getting the 2FA to refresh. Previously, I was getting texts from the bank, but today it isn’t working.

Anyone else in the same boat?

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Seem to be having an issue manually refreshing all of my accounts today.

@pcmccollum what is the experience you’re having while trying to manually refresh? Specific errors or what are you seeing there?

Not sure about Capital One @sandral18706 - generally these issues are temporary. If it’s been like that for more than a week I’d say it warrants reaching out to our support team via Chat, otherwise just give it some time :slight_smile:

Hi Heather,

It was stuck on one of the refresh messages (I should have taken a screen shot, but didn’t). But now I’m getting “Bad Gateway” when I try to refresh. Same thing when I try to “Edit Credentials” beneath the Connection button.

@pcmccollum, can you try it again? I am not seeing that error anywhere I try to reproduce.

Odd, looks like everything is working now. Just a temporary issue I guess.
Thanks for checking, Heather!

So it has been a week, and I still can’t refresh. It says it’s doing it, but it is taking forever. Rather displeased about this as it seems to be a recurring issue.

I actually closed all of my Capital One accounts except the one credit card that pays me a boatload in cash back from restaurants and entertainment - neither of which I’m doing any of now… So I hadn’t refreshed it in months. I just did, after reading about your problems. I refreshed from the console ( - I had to use ‘connection’ because ‘refresh’ said ‘not available’. After I got the texted code, it actually did refresh.

I hope yours gets fixed soon.