I wanted to use a money coach to help me with tiller and organizing. Do I risk any security by gibing him or her access to my tiller account (not my bank accounts)?

Hi I am new to tiller, and I have been working with one of Tiller recommended partners to work with me on manage my account and financial organizing. If I set up a new account and share access to the new account with him or her, log into the financial institutions my self, do I risk any fraud or unauthorized access into my bank accounts?

Hi Jack,

Security is a top priority for us here at Tiller and we appreciate customers who take security as seriously as we do.

We don’t see nor store your bank credentials. We use a data aggregator, Yodlee, to connect to your banks. They’re the same aggregator used by 15 of the 20 largest U.S. banks. We also can’t see your personal transaction or balance data.

For more, find Tiller’s Security Promise here: Tiller Security And Privacy Promise.

Would you be sharing spreadsheet access or also access to your email you use for your Tiller subscription?

When refreshing your accounts, your username may be pre-populated when you go through the edit credentials workflow. If they have access to your email you use to log into the Tiller subscription, they may see that username (though that may be just there from cached attempts)

They won’t be able to access your accounts directly using Tiller, they would still need your bank log in information.