Any Tiller Experts for Hire? Looking for initial setup

Hey guys,

I’ve had Tiller for some time but have fallen off with keeping up with it, I’d like to restart things with a proper setup.

Any Tiller experts here that could help with the initial setup? I’ve got a mix of personal RE Investments I’d want to make sure to track, along with some stocks, and possibly crypto (though not too concerned about this one)

Happy to compensate what is fair

Thank you!



Sorry for the delay here! One person you might reach out to is @kirsti.rehler, she’s helped quite a few other folks get going on Tiller :slight_smile:

We’re also always happy to help via chat/email through our official support channels and I’ll include some other resources below.

Check out the Tiller Foundations Guide. It’s where you’ll find quick video demos that cover how to get started with Tiller and how to use the Foundation template for budgeting and tracking.

If you’re using Excel, join us for a live Excel Foundations webinar with a demo and the opportunity to ask questions live. Register at the link (even if you can’t attend) and we’ll send you the recording afterward.

If you’re using Google Sheets, this on-demand Foundations webinar recording is available to watch anytime.

[Edit March 2023] We’re also offering 1:1 coaching for a limited time for an additional fee Tiller Coaching - Tiller


How do I contact Kirsti? Thanks

Hi, I’m also looking for someone to get me going on Tiller.

How can I reach out to @kirsti.rehler ?


You should be able to click on her username and DM her, @joe26.

@randy I don’t see a DM option. Would it be possible to share a screenshot of how to send a DM? Thanks

Does this help? (Can you see the Message button?)

Joe, I read somewhere sometime, I think, that DM access is not available until after you have been in the community for a bit. I may be wrong and I can’t find documentation. BUT, just in case,

I just sent Kirsti a note with a link to this entry and told her you were looking to connect.

Hopefully, she’ll reach out soon.



@randy I don’t get the message button.

@susandennis Oh. I have been using tiller for a few years to import transactions, but not in the community, I guess.
Thank you for sending Kistri a note for me! That’s very kind!

Hi @joe26 - I just sent you a message!

@susandennis is correct about the DM limitation. A certain amount of community activity is required to unlock that capability (to prove you’re a real user)— we know you’re real, @joe26… it’s just the machines that don’t. :wink:

Glad you have been able to connect with @kirsti.rehler.