Seeking a Personal Finance Advisor to setup Tiller

My wife and I are looking for a financial advisor/planner, to assist us in establishing goals, budgets, setting up and helping us learn to manage Tiller and our finances. I’m a seasoned executive and used to managing my my organization, but have not dedicated time to lift up our own personal finances.

Does anyone have any recommendations of somebody who would be a great fit / or yourselves? I understand there is a lot of value in setting it up yourself… but I’m incredibly busy and feel it would be best to have somebody who knows the ins and outs of Tiller, as well as understands how to establish family financial goals/budgets/basic operations… to lift up a minimal yet successful personal financial framework.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

:wave: @dscassid, welcome!

I’d recommend reaching out to @kirsti.rehler :slight_smile: You can DM her here in the community to see if she’s accepting new clients.

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I’d be happy to see if I could help you, I’ve helped many people using Tiller like yourself. Feel free to message me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @kirsti.rehler, Heather recommended I reach out to you. I’d like someone to help me setup/audit my Tiller spreadsheet and help with overall budgeting. Not sure if that’s up your alley and I don’t see an immediate way to message you. Can we connect?

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Just sent you a private message!

@kirsti.rehler I was trying to send you a DM, but don’t see a way to do that…I could use some help setting it up also.

To send a DM, right click on @kirsti.rehler , a box pops up and in it is an envelope. You can use that to send a DM


click on your picture (top right corner of this screen) and then click on that envelope and you’ll see a “new message” option in the list on the right.

Hmmm… it’s different on my screen. Right clicking on Kirsti’s avatar or name gives me no envelope, just options for my local computer, like “open link in new tab” etc.

Left click gives me (no envelope). (If you want to view screenshot, remove the spaces in this url: https ://

And clicking on my pic → envelope → new doesn’t give me a “new message” option. Clicking on “new” just tells me I have no new messages. (If you want to view screenshot, remove the spaces in this url: https ://

(I tried to attach pics, but it wouldn’t let me - thus the links.)

For starters, I wasn’t clear and I’m sorry. It’s not a right click on Kirsti’s avatar. It’s just a plain click.

You should also be able to get to your messages with this link. I just sent you one so you won’t be getting that NO messages message.

How about this link to your inbox

The New Message is in a big blue box.

Left click (which is a regular click) doesn’t show an envelope to send a message.

I can get new messages, and can reply, but can’t compose a message to a new/different person.

I’m so sorry!! Clearly, I’m not being of any help here. I’m so sorry. Hopefully, someone with a better skill set will step up. But, I did send a DM to Kirsti and asked her to contact you directly.

Send @abidale a PM! Thanks for helping @susandennis :smile:


It’s okay @susandennis, I think it’s just the system limiting the functionality of the community until someone advances their trust level a bit. I don’t think a brand new user can DM other community members, they’ve got to get to trust level 1 at least.

Hi Kirsti,
I would like some help getting started with Tiller. Would you be able to help me set things up? First, should I use google sheets or excel? I prefer excel, but tiller said sheets has additional functionality. What do you recommend?
thank you!

Hi Kirsti,
I too would like help in setting up in Tiller. The first message in this string is exactly what I was thinking and would love for someone to help set me up and get going. Thanks in advance


Hi Mike!

Just sent you a private message –

Yes, I can help you get things setup. I haven’t used excel with Tiller ever, so can’t speak to how well that works. My understanding has been that Tiller builds out its functionality for Google Sheets first and then eventually rolls out those same features to excel. So since google sheets is the primary, then that’s what I use. Plus google sheets is easier to work with others online.

Unless you have any crazy special reports you’re wanting to build in excel, then you should be fine using google sheets. I do think excel still is better for building custom charts, etc, but have been just fine for financial purposes using Tiller in Google Sheets.

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Hi Jim,

Happy you found Tiller - it’s an awesome tool! I just sent you a private message so we can talk further. But yes, I can definitely help you learn to navigate and get going if that’s what you’re lookng for!

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Just sharing here in case others come across this thread.

Kirsti is a better option if you need ongoing bookkeeping services and want her custom monthly spending analysis reports sent to you.

If you just need some help with Tiller basics like getting started or how it all works and want some coaching in a more “teach a person to fish” style, check out our limited time coaching services: Tiller Coaching - Tiller

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Hey @kirsti.rehler,
Hope this email finds you well. I reached out to you because I am looking for a financial coach or analyst who can assist me with personal finance management using Tiller/Excel. Specifically, I need help generating useful reports that I can explain to third parties.

email please masked email

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Just sent you an email :slight_smile:

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