Need a tiller expert, help me set up

I would like to pay someone to take me through set-up. I have two businesses and personal accounts. Would love some of you to reach out to help me learn, set-up and get everything organized. I think it’s pretty basic stuff. Please reach out and let me know your hourly rate. Thanks so much!!

Hi @douglas, welcome! If you are just unsure about the basics of setting things up I can help you out, I’d feel bad charging you for it since it’s pretty quick and painless. Here’s a good place to start: Get Started in 3 Easy Steps | Tiller Help Center

If you have more specific needs or questions feel free to ask them here, or send me a private message if you’d prefer that.


Hey Matt,

Thank you!!!

Will shoot you questions in the next couple of days. Very kind of you.


Hi Matt - would love some help too, looking to create a simple aggregation of some of the dynamic category spends.


Welcome @sidshez! A good way to start looking at aggregate data is to use category groups. Then you can use the Monthly Analysis sheet and filter by group.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, let me know more details and I’ll see if I can help.

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