YNAB to TILLER Please help with your thoughts!

HELP! I have been with Tiller for nearly 2-years and just do not get it. I am NOT a numbers person, nor really a computer person. PLEASE HELP ME…I am thinking of jumping ship to YNAB. What do others have to say about this?

Thank you!


Hi @falfalcox:

Wow. Two years is a long time great work. It is also a long time to deal with frustration. Yikes. What are some of your challenges? Lots of really helpful people here in the community who have great solutions.

Give 'em a try!

I have not used YNAB, but to my understanding it is focused on the Zero-Based Budgeting aspect (much narrower than what Tiller provides). If you are looking for that AND have Excel (Office365) then have you looked at the Excel Zero-Based Budgeting tool that utilizes Tiller data feeds? Excel Zero Based Budgeting Comprehensive Spend and Cashflow Management Tool . It provides a comprehensive budgeting solution for Tiller users and is set up for “out-of-the’box” use… no spreadhseet skills required. But since you can link 5 spreadsheets you can also still take advantage of other Tiller offerings (if you want to). If you want to give that a go, the send me a message and I can give you some guidance. However, as Brad mentions there are other solutions available depending on what you are really trying to get out of it and what your challenges are.

Ty, just seeing your reply. I am not sure what i want or need…just do not even know how to use Tiller…seems like i am lost inside a powerful washing machine :thinking: :flushed:

Can i hire someone to help me just begin?

Hi Fallynn,

I just signed up for Tiller and I’m really excited about it because I’m a highly technical person and I like the power it gives me.

It may not be the most appropriate tool for you because it’s designed for people who are skillful with spreadsheets and want more control than they can get from other solutions.

You may want to try YNAB instead, as you wrote, or something like Mint.

Good luck.

Wow, thank you so much!

You are not the first to ask. Look at this link: Any Tiller Experts for Hire? Looking for initial setup