My Tiller Money Story

Using Tiller Money has helped Stephanie (my partner) and I feel way more relaxed and confident when it comes to managing our finances!

In the past, we had tried using Mint, which was helpful for past spending, but not ideal for planning the future. We then tried YNAB, but found it hard to customize and collaborate in. :sweat_smile:

As spreadsheet/data nerds, we’ve enjoyed how much we could customize our Tiller budget, using a combination of our own ideas and the modular Tiller Labs add-ons.

Most importantly, Tiller Money has helped me and Stephanie feel more in-sync in how we manage our money. We actually enjoy our weekly categorizing and monthly budget reviews because Tiller Money makes the process quick and easy. Our increased clarity also makes it easier to talk through big-picture things like how to better save for our upcoming move and future down payment.

Overall, Stephanie and I love Tiller Money and have recommended it to lots of our fellow spreadsheet nerds! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing @vprasad217! Glad that it’s helped make money conversations with you and Stephanie easier and enjoyable :slight_smile: