Tiller Spreadsheeting Bliss

As a personal finance junkie and spreadsheet enthusiast, I’ve been using Tiller since 2017 and have been using it every since. For years I used my own spreadsheets, manually inputting transactions. Then I “graduated” to Quicken and had a love hate relationship (mostly hate) with the program. But I wanted something I could access anywhere, that gave me freedom to customize my own reporting and dashboards when managing my families finances. Coming from Corporate Finance I needed the ability to create a P&L for our family, in the same manner companies have P&Ls. Enter Tiller.

I’ll admit, I don’t love Google Sheets. But I do love being able to access our family’s finances through Tiller anywhere I can log into my Google account.

I’ve recommended friends to Tiller and do not see myself moving away from it. Many thanks to the Tiller team for all their support!


Travis, this is awesome to hear. I’m a recent Tiller user having used my own sheet for quite a few years. Apart from the timing and order of events, (I learned to hate Quicken before starting my own sheet. Data loss, poor licensing model, etc.), our stories are very similar. I’ve started and run several businesses and having the freedom to treat my household finances as I would business finances is a true boon.

Thank you Tiller! (for saving me so much time in the grunt work of transactions and categorization)


Thanks @ken.barker. I’m glad you’re enjoying Tiller :slight_smile:

And thank you @jtbarron for sharing your story here. I hope it’s inspiring to many more! :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing @jtbarron and @ken.barker. It’s wonderful to hear that Tiller is making a difference and capably filling a need for your both.