[DEEP gratitude] Tiller has filled a gap I have had for years

I have just discovered Tiller and I am so deeply grateful for this entire solution and ecosystem.

I, like many of you, have painstakingly tracked my spending, and have built an extremely detailed, customized, and convoluted system of spreadsheets and dashboards. Sadly, it lacked any automation. Manually downloading, transforming, loading, validating, and categorizing my finances each month took me a whole Saturday, especially recently as I got up to 50+ credit cards, bank accounts etc.

I never tried an off the shelf solution because I knew the majority of them would be to cumbersome to customize exactly how I want. And all I ever wanted was to automate my data inputs, and be able to customize to the nth degree my outputs. I stumbled upon Tiller because I contacted Plaid for an API connection because I wanted to build exactly what Tiller is. And I am so deeply deeply happy.

Your solution combines everything I love, automation, pure flexibility, and a wonderful support team who are passionate about what they’re building.

Thank you again, I am deeply grateful.


I’m also pretty fussy about how I want my tools to work and I’m often banging against the walls of whatever the builders have created with their best intentions. It’s great to hear that our ecosystem and data conventions were intuitive and compatible with the goals of a discerning and rigorous user like yourself.

What an amazing message, @ash… and so nice for our team to enter the weekend these warm feelings.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much for this awesome success story @Ash ! I’m excited to hear you’re as much of a spreadsheet enthusiast as we are :nerd_face:

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I’m glad you found us :grin:

I started out a similar way before Tiller… with my own template/formulas and manually importing data once per month. For me it was getting my first credit card that made my home-made version self destruct - I can’t imagine what 50+ accounts would’ve done!