Contributor Spotlight: @brad.warren

Within this community, the Tiller Money team is constantly impressed with your insights, creativity, and generosity. We have decided to celebrate some of your exceptional contributions with a Contributor Spotlight recognition.

Today, we recognize @brad.warren for his deep dive into the reconcile manual transaction workflow in response to a question from @twirl23.

We all know Tiller Money Labs templates and workflows are often lightly documented. A certain spirit of adventure may be required to tame these tools… but even more so to help another user succeed.

@brad.warren’s response impressed our team for both its level of empathy and also its technical depth.

Thank you ,@brad.warren, for all that you do in this community.

Q&A with @brad.warren

Why and how did you switch to Tiller? What were your goals?

My wife and I had been dedicated Quicken users for more than two decades, but recently, that company’s attempt to move into an online version was so marred with errors and poor customer service that we decided to leave. We wanted to be able to “see” our data when we were out and about, not only when sitting in front of our computer. (Do we have enough budget this month to buy this new table today?) Tiller’s cloud-based system offers that, but unlike other online options, Tiller offers a spreadsheet version of a 12-month, annual budget. We are planners by nature, so our ability to view and edit our entire financial year at any time was key to the selection of Tiller.

If the Tiller Money team or the community could grant you one wish, what would it be?

Tiller Money is nearly perfect, as is; however, because we use AppSheet as a user interface for our mobile devices (with some customization), it would be amazing if our financial transactions and balances could flow into the spreadsheets, categorized on the fly, without our having to open the console, refresh, and then open the sheet to activate the transaction feeds. This would create a “real-time” picture of our activity. For example, after the markets close on a given day or after an aggressive day of shopping, it would be cool to open our app and see the impact on our financial picture. (We understand that routine, manual review of the transactions, splitting some and adjusting categorizations will always be required and that pending transactions might be delayed a bit, but it is fun to dream.)

What are your favorite threads or topics in the Tiller Money Community?

Hands down, it’s the Show and Tell section. It is great to see new ideas and the ingenuity of people played out in new dashboards, new solutions and better ways to organize and manage one’s financial picture. The creativity shown in the community and the willingness of its members to not only share ideas but explain their value and how to use them is inspiring. (This is where we got the idea to use AppSheet.)

What feature is a game changer for you? (Tiller-specific or spreadsheets generally)

The game changer is Tiller’s customer service. It creates a unique context of support unlike any I have known with other products. Real people dealing with real issues with real solutions, really quickly and really accessible. My every interaction with the team has been helpful and timely. It is clear that taking care of people is a priority in the company.


@Brad.warren thanks for sharing this contributor spotlight, and thanks for helping to make the Tiller Money Community all that it is!