Thank you, Super Heros

:superhero: Super Heros are the backbone of this community. They help make it an inclusive, fun, and collaborative space to share ideas, innovations, and inspiration as well as learn how to get the most out of your Tiller Money powered spreadsheets. You’ll see them answering questions, sharing their own solutions, offering feedback on others’ solutions, and maybe even making a joke or two. :laughing:

Each month, we will recognize our newest Super Heros here, those who have achieved Trust Level 3 as of the first of the month.

Oct 2020

@susandennis is always eager to share feedback about the latest product developments and chime in with an idea or answer to your riddle. We learned a little bit more about @susandennis in this recognition over the summer.

@richl released a compelling envelope budgeting solution during our builder challenge last year, and continually offers suggestions and advise to community inquiries.

@aronos has offered extensive feedback on a number of new Tiller Money Labs solutions and is often quick to offer a workaround or solution when you have a question.

Congratulations, October Super Heros!

November 2020

@Brad.warren is eager to welcome new community members to the community and respond to their questions. He’s a long time Tiller Money customer and is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Tiller Money’s tools, templates, and solutions and commonly offers advice on how to think about setting up your sheet for various financial scenarios. We learned a bit more about Brad in early September this year in this Contributor Spotlight.

Congrats, @Brad.warren!

P.S. Want to become a Super Hero? Here is how…

Wow. That’s very cool. Thank you.

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Wow! A super hero. My wife wants to know if this comes with a cape and if wearing it will, in any way, inhibit my cleaning the bathrooms.

(This is why we’re married.)

Thanks, @heather.


You’re welcome @Brad.warren! You earned it! Our super hero capes are on currently on back order :laughing: so you’re still on the hook for bathroom cleaning duty. :toilet: