Contributor Spotlight: @susandennis

Within this community, the Tiller Money team is constantly impressed with your insights, creativity, and generosity.

We have decided to celebrate some of your exceptional contributions with a new Contributor Spotlight recognition.

Our inaugural recognition goes to @susandennis who is among this community’s most active members. This week, I really appreciated her annotated and insightful write-up when a user asked how to best use the Import CSV Line Items workflow.

Thank you ,@susandennis, for all that you do in this community.

Q&A with @susandennis

Why and how did you switch to Tiller Money? What were your goals?

I switched to Tiller Money because the finances tracker I was using failed me one too many times. I’ve used finance trackers, online and locally since forever and either they shuttered or they just failed me one by one. And, mostly, this was because they made me conform to their application— to track my money the way they wanted me to. When I found Tiller Money, my goals were just to find a convenient way to see all my accounts in one place, updated daily. Period.

But, now, Tiller has me looking at how I actually spend, what I might want to change, how my cash flows and all manner of other interesting things. My goal is still to see it all in one place BUT also to get smarter about how I use it.

If the Tiller Money team or the community could grant you one wish, what would it be?

Only 1 wish??? Hey even the genie got 3, right? So I’ll split the diff with 2.

The first wish would be to reorder the accounts on the Console page in the order I want them.

Then, I’d love to have a solid, easy way to end the life of an account without screwing up my history. For a variety of reasons, I have a handful of accounts that were active in 2020 at some point but now no longer are. If I delete them or hide them, then the data disappears from other places were I want it. So now I just move them to the bottom of the balances page and ignore them.

Share one thing that may surprise us about you or your approach to the community…

I read every single post. I sometimes gloss over the Excel ones and the envelope ones but the rest, I read because I have the time and love finding little nuggets of Sheets tricks or finance tricks or ideas. They pop up when you least expect them.

What feature is a game changer for you? (Tiller-specific or spreadsheets generally)

The game changer for me is having everything in Sheets. I feel most comfortable in a spreadsheet and most in control of my info. There are a few things I’d like to be able to do that I don’t know how to now BUT I do know that what’s stopping me is not the limitations of the app (spreadsheet) but of me and I can fix that!

Anything else?

Oh and one more thing… I’d love a topic called Spreadsheet Tips and Questions. It would kind of be like Spreadsheet Templates but not template specific.