Setting up Tiller for a Couple with Separate Accounts


My wife and I will start tracking our finances and budgeting through Tiller. However, we have separate bank accounts and I would love some advice on how to handle the following:

I pay for all the family bills, rent, etc. and she writes me one check each month from her bank account to chip-in on the expenses. How would you recommend I categorize the debit/credit with both her bank account and mine? I’m really green at this stuff so any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

@brandon24. One way to do this is as you pay for the family bills from your bank account, you can categorize these transactions with the appropriate expense (rent, utilities, etc). When your wife writes you a check, you can categorize these transactions as a transfer. More on using the transfer type below.

Much appreciated, Warren. Using this suggested method, since both of our bank accounts are attached to the same Tiller budget, would the transfer category be applied to both my Wife’s debit from her bank account (for the check she writes me) and the credit to my bank account?