Balances Not In Dropdown In New Debt Payoff Planner Template - Excel

Like the title says, none of my accounts from the “Accounts” tab are available in the dropdown cells in the “Account” column on the new Debt Payoff Planner template. This is what appears in the data validation information for the first cell under “Accounts” in the new template:


When I have manually changed the Data Validation to be the cells in the “Accounts” tab that are liabilities and select a liability account, nothing autofills and the cell with the valid liability account goes red.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I have also reloaded/overwritten the template twice from the Tiller Money Feeds Add-in. I also have accounts marked as “Liability” and not hidden.

Update - I think I found the problem. It appears that there is a formula in the template that only Microsoft 365 subscribers have access to. I found some _xlfn.HSTACK functions and after googling saw that I needed a Microsoft 365 sub to have access to those functions. Maybe a future update fixes it so people without that subscription can still use the template.

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Thanks for sharing the update here. You’re right, the templates require that you use a Microsoft 365 version of Excel. If you do have a version installed via a M365 account you’ll have to also make sure that you have installed all available updates for Windows and Office.

Do you know of plans to expand access to those without that subscription? I just have an old licensed version that I still use because I don’t want to have to subscribe to the whole service.