Restart. Can I delete what I have created in the Foundation Template and start over?

I’m trying to implement a number of things that aren’t working, and in the process I’m not able to get back to the original functionality of the Foundation Template.

I’m using this for tracking business expenses and have tried to implement . . .

Tag column on Transactions page - - not speaking with Tag Manager tab
Lost the capability for the “drop down” menu on the Categories column on the Transactions page

And the list goes on.

Is there a way to get a fresh, brand-spanking new template for a do over?

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You can start over from scratch by renaming your existing spreadsheet to keep it as an archive and then starting all over with the “Create a spreadsheet” option on the Tiller Console. When you reconnect to your accounts they will only go back so far with prior transactions (sometimes 90 days) depending on the institution and Yodlee. If you are okay with that this is a viable option.

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You can also use Version History to go back to when things were working properly and then push forward again from that point.


Thank you - very helpful!!!

This worked - - exactly what I needed! Appreciate the help!