Budgets not syncing with Transactions

I have categorised the transactions, refreshed the page and templates but the actual monthly figures have not shown up??? Is there something else i need to do???
Cheers Jason

Hi @jps.productsolutions, welcome to the Tiller Community. To answer your question, we may need a bit more information, are you on the monthly budget sheet that comes with the foundation template? Or another? And if the monthly budget template you may have to choose in the top right the time period where you have transactions categorized in order to see the amounts.

Other than that we’ll need more info to help you on which sheet to look at.

Welcome to tiller, @jps.productsolutions.

It sounds like you were able to feed in new bank transactions and categorize your data. It is really surprising that categorized data in your Transactions sheet wouldn’t flow into your Monthly Budget.

Any chance you figured this out?