Tiller Foundation Template

When I add new categories, the monthly budget sheet stops working.
The Budget column has now gone blank. Any suggestions?

This happens often and I’m tired of creating new templates to get around this issue.

Are you adding your new categories to the Categories sheet or trying to type them directly into the Monthly Budget sheet?

I’m adding them to the categories sheet. Usually as a new row at the end of the list.

And what’s breaking on your Budget?

Can you please try restoring using the Tiller Money Labs add-on and if that doesn’t work please check this FAQ.

Since I can’t upload images or place links, the Budget column for all categories is blank and the top level grey boxes are 0.

I will review the FAQ, could be something there.

Hey Heather,

I’ve tried restoring the Tiller Money Labs add-on and read through the FAQ, but that doesn’t cover my specific issue.

When selecting 2021 budgets for Jan or Feb, the individual category rows do not display values in column F. The group row for each group does display $0.

When I select months from 2020, I get numbers displayed in column F.

I actually created a new foundation template and copied over my transactions and got it working for a day. But the next time I logged in, column F in the Monthly Budgets sheet still shows no values for 2021 months.

I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox. I have increased the font size within the template, but that shouldn’t break this, right?

Wondering if I have some invalid transactions for 2021. But nothing stands out.

hey @telagraphic, did you ever get this solved?