Actual Amount on Budget Inaccurate

My actual amount spent is incorrect and also doesnt match the spending based on transactions for the month? Any idea why this would be happening and how to fix.

I noticed there may be one transaction that has been doubled in the calculations but there is no duplicate, its just one transaction

For example, my budget for groceries is 500, it shows actual at 600 and in transactions I can only see 430$ of expenses in groceries.

This is all for current month views, December

If I saw this, I would sort my Transactions sheet by Date Z->A and double-check the Transactions sheet Amount total for December :thinking:

I did that - i checked all the categorized under “Groceries” in december, and the amount is different to what is shown on the budgets under actual

Just checking … you haven’t done any renaming of the Transactions or Categories sheets, or moved around their columns?

I did rename categories etc to use the same ones i had on mint, but i did not really move around columns, just filtered etc.

Which sheet are you seeing the inaccurate amount in, Monthly Budget sheet?