Budget minus Actual not correct

Hi! New here. Trying out Tiller for the first time…

For reference, I’m working with the Envelope Budget template. I noticed that some of my transactions in Actual column are negative and some are not. This seems to be affecting the calculation for the Available column. I think my bank shows them as Debits (so they have a minus sign in front) and I’m worried this is affecting what is put in the Actual column.

I can’t seem to embed a screenshot, so I’ll describe it.

Fast Food category seems to work appropriately ($200 minus $27 equals $173 available) but another category of Groceries is adding instead of subtracting (500 - -51 = $551).

Does this make sense? Thanks for the help!

:wave: @rockmorg!

Do you have any inflow (positive) transactions categorized as “groceries” ?

If the net of the groceries transactions is a positive number it will show as a reverse on the budget dashboard. So probably need to get clarity on the transactions that are categorized.

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@heather Thank you!

This sparked me to go back and look at Transactions and I found that all of my imported CSV transactions (for the first two weeks of October) did not register as a debit so they were showing up as a credit. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help. Back to the fun now!


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