The Sum of the Category Isn't Correct

Hi all, I’m going thru all of my 2021 spending and noticed that some categories don’t add up to the total written above that category on the monthly budget page. In this case the “Food” category has 2 entries; 108.21 and 98.01 which should equal $206.22 but the total above says 282.08
I noticed other entries that are posting as negative numbers so again the total is wrong but hopefully I can find out why it’s negative and correct it.
I’m stumped about how the total doesn’t add up to the 2 entries in “food”
Any ideas?

First thing I’d look at is the dates to be sure the ‘missing’ transactions date is in the month you expect it to be. If that’s OK, then I suspect a range got tweaked somewhere so not all of your transactions are being evaluated. This can sometimes happen if you manually insert a row at the top or bottom of a list (like the one that makes up the Transactions sheet). I’m not super familiar with how the Monthly Budget sheet was built, but looking in the hidden parts, I wonder if the query range in V15 is now incorrect on yours. It should be looking at ‘Transactions!A:Z’. If it instead says something like ‘Transactions!A15:Z’ then it isn’t seeing all of your transactions, which would explain some being left out.

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You can try restoring the Monthly Budget sheet using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on - that would address any issues @jpfieber is describing.

If that doesn’t help then there is something off in your data set in Transactions, perhaps a positive amount/inflow is categorized using one of those food expense categories and that’s throwing things off?