Category not totaling properly in budget pages


My wife and I are recent Tiller users coming from Mint. As we are in the process of getting our budget ported over and set up I ran into an issue with a category not totaling properly on the monthly/yearly budget sheet.

I renamed the Transfers category and temporarily classed it as an expense so that they would pull to the monthly budget and I could review and ensure that the category had a net 0 balance. Instead, the monthly budget shows 2K in actual that a review of the transactions list can’t rectify. I have attached screenshots below. Any insight would be extremely helpful.

I’d suggest using my Account Reconciliation template and possibly Linked Transfers template to help make sure everything is clean.


Thanks for the quick reply. In general it looks like those tools would have been a good way to address what I was looking to at the onset, but neither answers the question of my post which was why does the budget tab seem to be miscalculating for this particular category?

Which month is shown in your screenshot?

May is what i was starting on. I think I figured out what was going on now. Some transactions got added out of order in the transactions page and so may transactions were in with october. I re-sorted the transactions list and am now seeing the unmatched transactions. Looks like the data aggregator is pulling our escrow dispursements from our mortgage servicer which got classed as a transfer but don’t have anything to balance against. Looks like all I need to do is create a new category to hold those mortgage details and class it as a transfer so everything ignores it.

I usually find this is what happens! In the end weird stuff like this is almost always explained by either (1) a sorting issue, (2) a filter issue, or (3) a wayward AutoCat rule that ran correctly (but unexpectedly given what I had intended). It’s almost never a Tiller bug.

As much as possible I try never to leave my sheet with filters or sorting that isn’t Z-A on the date before walking away (and data auto importing), or manually filling more data. And then whenever something doesn’t make sense, remove any filters and sort first before evaluating the issue.

I maintain a category called “Ignore” for just this kind of stuff.