Transaction in a category isn't counting towards total

Good afternoon! I’ve found a small error on my monthly budget and I’m not sure how to fix it (or if there are any others I haven’t noticed). I have a category for “interest income” and this month should have two transactions counting in this period. However, the monthly and yearly budgets are only reflecting one of them. I’ve found both transactions in the transaction sheet and they are labeled correctly. I checked the accounts and they aren’t marked as “hide.” How do I figure out what I broke?

Maybe try some general things like resetting your Transactions sheet data filter, sorted by date descending;
double-check the reports/transactions are selecting/using the correct period/dates;
check that “interest income” is spelled exactly the same for all the transactions, including case/spaces, and that they also match what’s listed on the Categories sheet;
check if there are other “interest income” transactions that could be offsetting the two you’re expecting.

Hmm, I just ran through this list and it’s still not working. Would this be an issue for Tiller support?

You could also try to restore these templates from
Tiller Money Feeds > Templates

@ClaireD Can you post some screenshots of the issue?

Ok, here is a screen shot of the transaction page, filtered to the “interest income” category, and the monthly budget showing where it’s not adding up. Are there any others that would be helpful?

The 2/10 transaction category is:
Interest income ← all lower-case income
all the others are:
Interest Income ← upper-case first character Income

Aah, yup. That’s it! I wasn’t getting the red corner so I didn’t catch that.

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