Budgets and tranactions

I looked up my question and followed the advice to correct the issue, but the issue is not corrected.
I have 3 transactions that are not showing up on my monthly budget or yearly budget. I updated/restored the monthly and yearly budget according to the problem on Sept. 2019 solved by Eilean and that did not correct the issue. Not sure why they are not showing up.

Just so we’re clear, these are transactions that are showing up in your Transactions sheet but you don’t see them reflected in the budget for that month?

If so are they assigned to a category in the Transactions sheet? Is that category set to Hide in the Category sheet?

I figured it out. I had the money transferred from checking into a savings account to pay for these items later. They were canceling each other out. When I went back and put transfer on one and then categorized the event, then it showed up. Human error!! Thank you, I am new and loving this so far. Love the videos and resources to help me get my budget under control.