Transactions not adding up in yearly budget

Hey there, I have distributions from business stuff that adds up to, let’s say, 4k for January 2024 in the transaction list. It’s only showing up as say 2k on the yearly budget for the month of January 2024. Any ideas on why??

I’m not sure I understand, @Doona? Are you saying you have multiple transactions all categorized to the same category and those categories are summing to different amounts for the same month between the Monthly and Yearly budgets?

That is unusual… have you tried restoring the two templates using the add-on?


I have transactions in the transaction sheet that total say 2k labeled as “distributions”, but then on the annual sheet they don’t total that same amount.

That said, if I restore a sheet, does that undo all the custom inputs that I’ve done? Does it restore the sheet back to the default? I’ve been scared to restore a sheet!

Restoring a sheet won’t do anything to your Transactions or Categories sheets.

When you restore a template it just fixes any formulas or formatting that was changed from how it was built by default for that specific sheet. For the most part, it’s restoring sheets that aren’t meant to be edited at all.