Budgeting Expenses Error

I’m having an issue with the monthly budgeting feature. Actual expenses are coming into the budgeting sheet with negative values for the month of February. So my total spending is decremented by the negative actuals when all of the expenses are summed. The values are correct in January, but are wrong in February.

Anybody have any ideas?

Hi all. I figured it out. I had manually added some transactions since I’m having an issue with my bank feed, and had not gotten the sign right in the transaction sheet. They should have had a minus sign on the transaction sheet. Once I made the change manually on the transaction sheet, everything rolled up correctly on the budget sheet. Now if they could only get the bank feed fixed. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Tiller Money Community @w.scot.johnson, glad you figured it out!

@w.scot.johnson Been there! Do you have the Tiller Money Labs Add-on? It has a function for entering manual transactions that helps maintain the data integrity and avoid errors like that.

@aronos Thanks for the recommendation! I’m hoping that the feed gets straightened out, but if I have to enter manually again, I will definitely check for the Labs solution.