Why aren't actuals pulling through on Budget dashboard?

Hi - Please can someone tell me why my actuals on the yearly budget not pulling though?

Hi Greg,

Can you check this help article and let me know if it doesn’t solve it for you?

My actuals are also broken @gregharris239 and none of the mentioned fixes in the FAQ are relevant for me (all the text matches where it’s supposed to)


Can you double check that the year 2021 is selected on the Monthly Budget dashboard using the drop downs at the top?

Yes it’s selected. I also imported a bunch of old transactions manually, selecting different months and years and it seems none are actualizing

The one clue I have is on the hidden portion of Monthly Budget, the red Actual section in Columns T-W is blank and doesn’t update. On a copy of the template I made for offline edit testing those column are working and update when I throw in a new transaction and/or category. The formulas on that sheet match what’s in my active one though.

@hgyoung, I just sent you an email via our official support channel, let’s troubleshoot this via that channel. Thanks!

Just to close the loop here from @hgyoung’s issue.

In the hidden area on the Monthly Budget dashboard the formula in V15 was broken and couldn’t write out the array (there was a REF error) and it was complaining about not being able to write out the array due to text in W15.

I cleared the text from W15 and the formula in V15 was able to write out the data and fill in the actuals.

I’m not sure why adding transactions manually might have affected this and I don’t think @hgyoung intentionally wrote the word “Actuals” into cell W15 in that hidden area so I think it’s a one off issue :woman_shrugging:

I validated in the master copy of the Foundation template that this is not an issue.

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Hi Heather

Yes, that fixed it :slight_smile:

Thank you


Nice debugging, @heather! :nerd_face: