Monthly budget/envelope budget not pulling data into "budget" column

Hi all! Fairly new Tiller user here. I have a foundations sheet with transactions, categories, and auto cat set up and working nicely. The tabs I have in this sheet labeled “monthly budget view” and “yearly budget” are not pulling any data into the ‘budget’ column and I cannot figure out why. (It looks as though the ‘actual’ column is pulling data correctly.)

I tried starting a new google sheet with the “envelope budget” Tiller add-on, to see if I could correct the issue in a completely different sheet. I set up the transactions and categories the same as the first sheet. But I’m having the same issue- no info pulling for the “budget” column. It looks like the “actual” column is pulling correctly.

From the research I’ve done, I see it’s possible the array formula could have accidentally been deleted; and if that happens a #REF will be listed. I can confirm the array formula is present: =arrayformula(if(isblank(B16:B),iferror(1/0),if(isna(match(row($B16:$B)-row($B$16),$N$16:$N,0)),if(isna(match(row($B16:$B)-row($B$16),$O$16:$O,0)),iferror(vlookup(B16:B,{$Z$16:$Z,$AA$16:$AA},2,false),0),IFERROR(sumif($X$16:$X&$Y$16:$Y,if(row($G16:$G)-row($G$16)>=max($N$16:$N),“Expense”,“Income”)&B16:B,$AA$16:$AA))),iferror(sumif($X$16:$X,B16:B,$AA$16:$AA)))))

I also checked to make sure the blue Tiller bar is in line 1 and date, description, category are in their proper columns. Has anyone had this same issue?

I don’t know enough about array formulas to make edits, I’m simply entering the data and hoping everything connects! Any help is appreciated!

Best option for this is to contact tiller via customer service chat. You will get way more help there.