Tiller Community Recognitions – February 2023

Let’s end the first week in February with a shoutout to our February Super Heroes:

Congratulations to @susandennis for hitting her second three-month milestone, which is good for another $50 gift certificate per the Super Hero Rewards program.

Don’t miss @alan.heatherley’s amazing new calendar-day-tracking templates for Google and Excel. The Tiller team was impressed with the build quality, robust Tiller integration, creativity, focus on a core personal-finance functionality, and intuitive UX. We awarded a $450 prize per our Tiller Builder Rewards Program for the two templates together.

Kudos also to the prolific @jpfieber for his Utilities Expense Tracker which charts, tracks and forecasts water, gas and energy spend— so cool to see the seasonality light up on a :chart_with_upwards_trend:. We awarded $300 for this very cool contribution from Joseph.

Joseph also remastered his Tag Manager template for Google Sheets and it is now published and available through the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on for easy discovery, install and maintenance. Community templates that are published into the Tiller Community Solutions gallery earn an additional $200 gift card. Congratulations, Joseph.

Congratulations also to the community’s newest “Champion” members: @sj3vans, @pjbanman, @kra808, @ben.schuchard, @imthenachoman (what a handle!), and @kfieldho.

Have a great weekend… and a great February, everyone!

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Such great energy in the Community recently. :zap:

Thanks :clap: @jpfieber @susandennis @yossiea @richl @bentyre1 @alan.heatherley @sj3vans @pjbanman @kra808 @ben.schuchard @imthenachoman @kfieldho for giving so much of yourself.

This is always an energetic time of the year as seasoned Tiller users get their numbers together for the year past, complete taxes, and put in a plan for the year ahead. :calendar: Plus we have a surge of new user who want 2023 to be the year when they dial it all in! Each of you has made the Community an exciting and welcoming place for new and old. Thank you! :tada:

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