🏆 Showing Transaction Data on a Calendar


A way to see your transaction data on a calendar. Data is aggregated by groups which can be customized per week.

I also have an Excel version that I’m planning to post separately. Let me know if this works for you!


Copy the sheet into your Tiller sheet: Tiller Calendar Google Sheet


  1. On the left of the sheet, select the accounts to include
  2. On the right side of the calendar, choose the groups you want to breakout for each week
  3. At the top left, choose the year and month to display, and decide if you want to restrict data to only the chosen month, or for all dates shown in the calendar


Helps visualize which days of the month you have the biggest expenses


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow? - Sure, go for it

This looks cool! I just tried installing, and some of the helper data isn’t working. When I try to choose “Accounts to include” it just says loading and never finishes. I checked the data validation and it’s looking for ='Calendar Ext'!$U$2:$U which isn’t included in your shared template. I’m guessing that’s why X:AC have an error…

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Thanks for the feedback! I had multiple versions I was playing with, and I missed the data validation on this version. I’ve fixed it now.

X:AC were erroring because there were no accounts chosen - they should populate now.


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Yup, that seems to have fixed it. Will have to play around with this, very interesting!

This is very cool!! I didn’t even know I wanted to know my data this way!


This looks really interesting. One thing I would change is getting the drop down for Accounts from the Accounts sheet and then excluding those with “Hide.” I think it might also make sense to default include all accounts and then hide those that you specifically want to exclude. Finally, I think it would be better to have one drop down section for the categories and the next weeks would just automatically use the same cats.
I just noticed that it does filter for the first week’s selection, it just doesn’t show it on the page.

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From my perspective, @susandennis said it best:

This is very cool!! I didn’t even know I wanted to know my data this way!

I agree with @yossiea that picking categories for the first week then having those repeat for future weeks would make setup a little better.

Really nicely done, @alan.heatherley!

Thank you for the feedback everyone! Defaulting to having all accounts on to start with might take a bit more finnessing, but it was easy enough to change the grouping behavior to copy the first week, so i started with that.

Please let me know if you see anything else that could improve it.

Following up on my kudos, @alan.heatherley

I’m excited to award a $300 prize for this inspiring template via our Tiller Builder Rewards Program. A number of us on the Tiller team had a peek at what you built and we are very impressed with:

  • the build quality
  • the robust Tiller integration
  • the creativity
  • the focus on a core personal-finance functionality
  • that you’ve addressed an unmet need
  • the intuitive UX

Thanks for sharing your great work!


That’s so kind of you! I’m really glad you found it interesting.

BTW, I posted the Excel version here (Showing Transaction Data on a Calendar (Excel version)).


Wow this is cool! Thanks for sharing. :grin:

I’ve never found a calendar view for something like this valuable but this one is. Best version I’ve ever seen for this! Well done!

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That’s an interesting way to view our spending!

Just like @YouBet96, I am not a fan of Calendar view either.
I know I tend to spend more of discretionary during the weekend. And this Calendar view makes it big and visible for me.