Spending Report Based on Account

Hi All, I have a quirky issue I am trying to solve.

I have a CC that is shared with someone outside my household, let’s call them BOT. I have been able to set up auto cat to accurately identify which charges are theirs and which are mine. I have set their category to be hidden from my reports in tiller. Additionally, tiller is doing a great job of showing me where my money is going.

What I am trying to do is the following.

Every Friday, I would like to see what I have spent on my CC. I would like this report to show all the transactions regardless of the spending category but allow me to exclude the transactions from the category associated with the user outside of my household.

I tried to use the account filter sheet but it does not have e time filter or the ability to exclude transactions.

Hi, see if something like this can help:

If you note or tag some of your transactions as they come in, you can also use that as a filter. But if you just want to look at transactions from an account based on time, this should work.
I might add a “week” drop down but since many people define a week differently I think it might be confusing.

Hi Yossiea, thanks for the quick reply. I am playing with this tool and have hit a few bumps. Before I tell you what I am running into I must say I appreciate any help you can give. I am happy to correct these issues if you can point me in the right direction. I am not at all trying to put you into a position of being tech support for my specific use case. Again, so grateful for your help.

I have copied this sheet to my google form. I just have a couple small issue. When I try to select the account, I get the #ref error.

I am pretty sure the accounts are configured somewhere because I have another sheet (“Account FIlter”) but I am not sure how to correct this error.

Also, when I select a Group it does not restrict the available categories to the correct set of categories.

Finally, I am not sure how the “filter hidden” box works.

Hi, can you first check to see if you have a group column on your Transactions sheet?
If not, please add one here as per these instructions:

The filter hidden checkbox toggles whether or not a hidden category is shown or not. You can mark some categories hidden, such as transfers, etc.
I’m not entirely sure why the Accounts would be #ref, but I hope it’ll clear up if you add the Group column. Please let me know if you have any issues and I’ll try to get to it.

Thanks again for the quick response.

I was able to add the group column and that resolved the issue with filtering transactions. However, I am still getting #ref error when I try to select an account.

Is there some where else I should be looking?

Do accounts show up in the drop down list or is that also #ref?
And, if you don’t filter any accounts, do you get data returned?
Finally, please go to your Transaction sheet and let me know which column has Account and verify that it’s Account and not Accounts, or something else.
-edit- I think you might still be in the template and not your own file. I just verified and it does work. Once you copy the sheet from my sheet to yours, you can close my sheet and go back to your sheet.

So I verified I am working on my own copy. I have a rather unique name for my own sheet.

If I don’t select an account I can use the other filters. I have Account in column G (see screenshot)

I apologize I think I was unclear. When I try to select the account in the main set of filters (D7) I see the #ref error.

If I select account in the sort filter(?) (Cell K10) I get a list of my accounts.

I have also just noticed that is always includes transactions that are set to hide in my categories tab.

Thanks again

So one quick update. I refreshed the tab, and now I can see my accounts populated in the drop-down. Thanks again for helping me with this.

One last question. I have a couple of cateories set to hide in the categories tab. However, when I click the filter hidden box the transaction tracker does not filter out those cateogies. Is there a setting I should change someplace?

Thanks again for your help. I really love this tool.

Thank you for your kind word and glad it’s working.
I see what you’re talking about. Usually, when we hide a category, it’s in the Transfer group and that is hidden, but it’s possible to not have that.
I just modified the sheet, Version 1.07 and removed part of the formula, it should work now.