Newbie question: How do I view all transactions in a category?

Is there a way that I can view all transactions in a certain category? Specifically, I’d like to see how much I spent on Christmas in December 2019. Can someone tell me how to do this?

thank you very much!


You can use Category Tracker tab or sort Transaction tab by category. I like the second one better. Blake

If you just want quick totals, I’d recommend using a pivot table. Super easy to set up in Google Sheets.


That’s perfect–thank you very much!

Hi, Heather–I just have one more question: If I want to have the pivot table go from, say, from the 15th of December to the 15th of January, how do I do that? Thanks!

@heather I had an additional question–not sure if you saw it. Thanks!

See Google KB article 7572895.
In the right hand side bar, there is a filter option that you can customise. Test various filter settings.

Ack! Sorry I missed this one.

You could also pull a specific date range with the Category Rollup report - it has more detail than just a pivot table, but that’s really the only way to easily filter by date range.

I will give that a try. Thank you very much!