Drill Down Spending By Category? (Mint Refugee)

I love this software – you guys are doing so much great stuff.

In Mint, I could run a monthly spending actuals (they called it trends) and then DRILL down to see all expenses by month. I found the Community Monthly Analysis tab but it does not allow for transparency by category (it must be powered by tables or something). I know I can run a REPORT by category, but this feels so manual. Is there a workaround here?

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I’m not sure this will meet all your needs BUT when I want to drill down on details, I use the Transaction Tracker. It’s a detail driller paradise. There’s one for Excel and one for Google Sheets.


I use this too, but it does feel a little clunky in comparison to being able to click the title. Is it even possible to create a sheet where you could link in that way? It’d also be awesome if there was a table that was by default collapsed with category names and amounts and then could be expanded with transaction details as needed. I feel like that seems like something that would be possible with a pivot table in excel, but I’m just not as adept a user in google sheets.

Hi @lala123 . It took some adjusting for me too when I moved from Mint a while back. Pivot tables can be quick and convenient while you’re transitioning: here’s a Tiller Help article to get you going. You can add Group/Category/Description directly in the pivot, or you can also double click on an amount, which opens a new sheet with the Transaction records that make up that amount.

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Thanks for the great reply @brettanicus - pivot tables are very helpful!

I actually found a community solution that will run a report for a set time period and look at all your transactions by category in that time frame. I found that to be pretty helpful.

That’s great to hear, @lala123. Which template is it?