Analyze spending by category

Hi Tiller Community,

I’d like to analyze my monthly spending in specific categories. For example, show only transactions that roll-up into the ‘Restaurants’ category for May.

I only use the Tiller Foundational Template.

Can you please point me in the right direction? I’m a newbie. Thanks in advance!

Justin, What your are looking for is a sheet called Category Tracker. It gives you exactly what you are describing and more.

Here are the steps to get it.

  • Go to Add Ons (in row about the sheet) and click on Get Add Ons
  • Search for Tiller Labs
  • Install
  • Go to Add Ons and click on Tiller Labs and click on Launch
  • Now Click on Add a Solution and look for Category Tracker
  • Install

You are now in biz!

Here’s a piece about it that shows some more detail - and, in fact, if you search the community for ‘Category Tracker’ you’ll find lots of excellent tips.

Enjoy and welcome to the community!

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Terrific- thank you!