Group Exclusion Report


The purpose of this tracker/report is to highlight specific categories where I am spending too much or trying to see how much of an impact to the group a specific category’s transactions are.
You can see your monthly transactions and amounts by group broken out by category. You can then filter out a specific category and have that in a different set of results. This will help you pinpoint places to focus on.
There is also a simple sparkline to show the trend of that group over the course of the filtered date range.
If you don’t exclude a specific category then it’s simply a group/category report for the time period.
Using the example below:

I see my quarterly expenses for bills, but I’d like to exclude the car payments since I can’t do much about that, or I want to call that out and look at my payments for that category. I then get:


Go to my Shared Tiller Sheet:
Shared Tiller Sheets - Google Sheets
Go to the Group Exclusion Report tab, right click on the bottom and select “Copy to > Existing Worksheet” and select your own Tiller Sheet.
Once it’s copied you can go to your Tiller Sheet


Once you copy the sheet to your own Tiller Sheet, it should work straight away.


You can change how the date is filtered by switching from Asc to Desc.
If the “Excluded Category” section has data without you selecting a Category, those transactions are most likely uncategorized transactions and are matching the blank value in the filter.


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?


Anything else you’d like people to know?


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