Tiller Community Recognitions – January 2024

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!

As we wrap up 2023, I can’t help but be excited about how far we’ve come. Compared with just 12 months prior, we have almost 50% more community members and more than 3 times the number of new topics each month. There is so much to learn from one another as we sort through life’s financial riddles. Thank you for all you do to build, invest in, and enrich this community.

If you didn’t catch the update we shared last month, we’ve made some changes to our community recognitions.

Community Leaders

This month, we cut over from “superheroes” :woman_superhero: to “Community Leaders”.

I ran the metrics last week. Congratulations to our Q1 top-20 Community Leaders: @jpfieber, @Mark.S, @dmetiller, @bentyre1, @KyleT, @cps, @1Email2RuleThemAll, @Caroleen, @mu3484343, @rhowell, @susandennis, @ScottC, @yossiea, @martha.rudkin, @MarcC, @ppraju12, @sblagoue, @richl, @brettanicus, @YouBet96.

We’ve credited each of you with a free year coupon on your next Tiller subscription renewal. In addition, you’ve been added to our Beta group (if you weren’t a member already).

As we start towards Q2, you can follow the action on the Leaderboard. Note that Q1 Community Leaders earning subsequent awards in 2024 will earn $50 gift cards and first-time Community Leaders will earn subscription extensions.


Note that we’ve also made changes to the Builder Rewards program. The quarterly awards are now BASED ON YOUR VOTES— so be sure to express appreciation for new contributions by voting in the upper left corner of posts you’re excited about.

Both the Sheets and Excel Show & Tell forums have been bustling. Here links to some interesting contributions from December:

Here’s to a great 2024!
See you in the Community…


Aww, thanks. I’ve enjoyed becoming a part of this community. Looking forward to when I qualify for Tiller swag. Maybe a “Refresh and Fill” coffee mug. Or a “My Sheet Covers Your App” t-shirt. Endless possibilities!


Love the curated topics list! Thank you.

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Love That!
I would even buy it, and categorize it as “Fun” :yum: :coffee:

Other ideas?
“There’s a Sheet for That”
“My Sheet Kicks Your App”


Front of the shirt: Transfer In
Back of the shirt: Transfer Out

Ok. I should stick to my day job. :rofl:


These are all great. I need a Refresh and Fill mug! A long time ago we made a gift guide for spreadsheet nerds, but all these ideas are better. Time to revisit.

And I seriously want that mug.

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I still want a “Get your sheet together” t-shirt! :tshirt: