Question for Experienced Users: Why Tiller vs Quicken for same price?

Hi, Max. I’m relatively new here myself, but so far, I’m very happy with Tiller. A few replies:

-On the slowness, the “refresh and fill” process is the one thing I don’t love about Tiller. I like to process this stuff first thing in the morning (which is very early for me), and Tiller usually hasn’t run its automated process yet. So far, I’m content to click the necessary buttons while I drink my first cup of coffee, but I do wish there was a more expedient solution for this.

-The slowness issue might also have to do with your number of transactions. Tiller seems generally to recommend no more than a few years of transactions in your spreadsheet before you archive it and start another. Lots of transactions and lots of complicated spreadsheets slow things down.

-Archiving and starting a new sheet is also, I suspect, how Tiller would recommend dealing with hitting the max number of rows allowed by Google Sheets. I’d prefer to keep everything in one sheet for the purposes of historical comparisons, so my plan is to do that until I just can’t anymore.

-For quickly searching transactions, you might try the Transaction Tracker sheet. Maybe not a lightning fast Google-like search experience, but it generally finds me what I’m looking for without too much trouble.

-On the issues with Morgan Stanley and E*Trade, I’d reach out to customer service. Specific bank connections are hard to diagnose on this forum. Fwiw, I’ve had a couple of connections go down, but the outages have never lasted very long and always resolved themselves.

-On the plus side, what I really do love about Tiller is the ability to fully customize just about everything. I’m a tinkerer. I love to play with different approaches to organizing things like finances. Tiller, through Google Sheets, allows me to tinker endlessly (and easily, using filters and the like). I finally feel like I’m close to having everything set up exactly as I want it, which is something I’ve never been able to do with other platforms.

Hope this all helps.