Split Transaction function not working in Google Sheets

My Split Transaction function, both manual and Saved Split, no longer works. It is a regularly occurring monthly transaction which I have successfully split several times before. The process comes up and everything proceeds normally until I finally click “Split Transaction”, after which the sidebar clears as it should but the unsplit transaction remains unchanged. The four necessary columns are in place and spelled correctly; no error messages appear and I have tried reloading the transaction sheet, all to no avail. Troubleshooting assistance welcome! Thanks.

I haven’t used Saved Split, but Split Transaction has been working for me. Have you tried using an incognito browser in your debug, just to try a clean browser environment?

I also haven’t used saved split, but my split transaction feature just worked as intended earlier as well. I think mark is on the right track to start with on figuring out what might be going on. It sounds like the split feature is no longer working at all correct? Or just on this particular transaction? This would be a last ditch effort would be to uninstall and reinstall the Tiller Money Feeds extension so that it starts fresh. You would have to sign in again once reinstalled.