Do I need to use the transactions splitter?

New user here. If I want to split a transaction, do I need to use the transaction splitter? It seems somewhat bug-prone (e.g. won’t let me modify an amount in the split and freezes up) and it seems like it would be easier to just make a new row and manually do the split myself.

Is that okay to do, or will it mess up the transaction import?

Manual splitting will work too . No issues at all.

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Hold on here. You are probably using the legacy splitter. It has those issues you mention plus more. They were supposed to deprecate the old one but I still see it. Use the new splitter tool that is part of Tilller Labs. It is much cleaner, etc. I think after using the new splitter you will not need or want to do it manually. Manual is an option but probably not needed if you have a good working splitter tool. Blake


:+1: Seconded. Using the modern splitter is much easier and less error prone than manual.

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