Manually Split Transaction in Excel Spreadsheet

I know there isn’t an automatic feature like in Google sheets, so can I manually split a transaction (creating 2 or more lines in Transactions that equal the total of the original amount) in Excel spreadsheet without causing a problem somewhere else?

Yes, you can.

For reference, from Google Sheets, the Transaction ID column changes

for split transactions.

I don’t think you need to make that change, if you don’t want to, but it would mimic what’s happening in the Google Sheets split transaction tool.

Hi Mark, To make sure I understand correctly:
1st line Transaction ID column would read “split:[1]” followed by information for 1st category
2nd line Transaction ID column would read “split:[2]” followed by 2nd category info
and so on if I split it further.
BUT, I don’t have to include that Transaction ID info if I don’t want.
Am I understanding correctly? :-}

BTW, there is no “Transaction ID column” on the Excel Template.
Should I make one of the columns on the Transactions page into the ID column?

That’s correct. Transaction ID column is hidden, around column J to M, unhide the columns to see it.

If you’re OK with VBA, I created a solution to split transactions in Excel.
Transaction Splitter for Excel (VBA) I’ve been using it for a bit and it seems to work out, as long as you don’t have funky characters in your cells.

Thank you everyone for your help. I’ve been on Mint for a couple years and am looking forward to now working with Tiller and this wonderful Community.

Interesting. I do it in a much simpler way. For the item I want to split, I put it in category “Itemize” (which is not counted in my pivot). Then I add rows and add the itemizations (ensuring they add up to the same as the one I just moved to itemize.)

Thanks daniel.griffin. I like that method. You see what split is itemized.

Hi daniel.griffin. Ok, so I started splitting my transactions and then I started confusing myself.
Sigh! Clarifying question re your method. Original line in transactions shows date, description, category, amount & an account (credit card or checking). Do you make that line the “itemized” category (expense)? Then you insert blank lines after to split into various categories. These lines will show the various split out categories & various totals equal to the original line/amount, but with NO account showing on those lines? Is that the way you see it? Thank you.

It’s up to you. One easy way to do it might be to insert lines under the one you want to itemize. Then copy/paste that row you are itemizing. Make sure you set it the first one to be category “Itemize” and then fix the ones below it the way you want (ensuring they add up to the original). That way you will preserve your account info.

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The first one is Itemized (no amount on that line) and all the lines after should then equal the original total. Thanks! I didn’t want to be double reporting.

Hi @darshafer_2000,
Is Daniel’s solution the one that you are using to resolve this issue? Just making sure as I might pin Daniel’s suggestion as the resolution to this thread.


Hi @tom. Yes, I am using Daniel’s solution. It is simple and direct.