Transactions Sheet has no Saved Splits tab

I’m a relatively new Tiller User and routinely use the split transactions capability. Now I want to up my game to use Saved Splits. I’m unable to do so because there is no such tab in my Transactions Spreadsheet. Heather’s excellent “Automate Splitting Transactions in Google Sheets” says, at the last paragraph on page 3, “When you have the Saved Splits sheet present in your Google Sheet…” It is not present and I don’t know how to make it present, therefore I do not get the “Select a saved split” option in the dropdown of the Split Transctiions menu. Thanks for your assistance, Ron

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Here the link to the sheet you need, and here are the instructions:

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 12.37.05 PM


Thanks @dmetiller. Appreciate your help

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I followed the instructions here 1-4 and executed a split, I didn’t see any option to save the split. I selected the next occurrence of the same transaction from another month and there was not option to recall a saved split. I conclude that I am supposed to manually create the splits on that sheet?