Add-on splitter tool not working

it this just me or everyone? any ideas? B

The one on the main TIller add-oin page isnt working for me either.

I know that Tiller said they were retiring this one.

Instead, you need to go into the Tiller Labs add-on then Go Tools . That one still works


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We’ve had numerous reports of this and are no longer supporting the standalone splitter add-on. Please use the split feature in the Tiller Money Labs add-on. We’ll figure out how to communicate the non-support/deprecation of the former option.

working now. the old one works better for me.

Curious what you like better about the old one, @blake?

So I know your not asking me, but I liked that you didnt have to wait for the labs add-on to open.

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Good feedback, @richl. We are considering adding more direct-access functionality to the Add-on menu. I tried this with the new Savings Budget (when it is installed). Perhaps the Splitter workflow is also a candidate.

I think that would work great.

too many clicks to get to it and too long to get to it compared to the tiller add on. B