What is this other Tiller Splitter in Add-ons?

I use the Split Transactions tool in Tiller Labs, but I keep seeing this Tiller Splitter Add-on pop up in the screenshot.

If I open it it’s just a blank pop up that says “Split Transaction” at the top.


The “Split Transactions” tool in Tiller Money Labs is the currently supported implementation of this feature. Tiller Splitter was an add-on that delivered similar functionality, but we’ve decided to EOL the add-on in favor of rolling it in to Tiller Money Labs.

We intend to update the Tiller Splitter to explain that it’s been deprecated. Unfortunately, a recent minor snafu in deployment (my fault!) caused the behavior you’re seeing now and we just haven’t addressed it yet. :slight_smile:

@brasten you’d make a great addition to the CS team :slight_smile:

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I have tried to follow some of the Q&As on Splitter & Money Labs, particularly on permissions, but I am not a technical person so it has been rough going. (On the plus side, I learned a new acronym, EOL :slight_smile:

Can I make sure I understand: if I want to be able to split my transactions (which I do, b/c otherwise Tiller Sheets is not very useful to me), I have to give permission that covers all of my spreadsheets, including “Organize and delete any of your spreadsheets” and “See and change the people you share spreadsheets with”?

This list of permissions alarms me. All I want is a quick tool to do one thing–split transactions. Is there any way to do that now without granting permission that covers all sheets? I don’t want the other functionality. I am the opposite of a power user of spreadsheets. I just want to do this simple but essential task. Am I stuck? Would it make sense to wait a little for future changes to how this works?


Hey @nvorsanger -

Sorry, I’m a software engineer so sometimes I get all jargon-y and acronym-y. :slight_smile:

So yes, with the (here comes the jargon!) EOL-ing of the Splitter add-on, you would have to grant those very broad permissions to the Tiller Money Labs add-on to be able to access similar functionality. For a variety of reasons, the current product strategy is to integrate as much functionality into a small number of deliverables (add-ons). That has trade-offs to put it mildly involving performance, security, etc.

So yeah, the list of permissions alarms me, too, and I work here. :smiley:

The most concrete advice I can give for yourself and other users with your concerns is to be vocal about it in the community here.


OK, thanks @brasten, & I completely understand on the jargons & acronyms :slight_smile:

I guess I am stuck with it then. It’s frustrating b/c I use only the tiniest fraction of Tiller’s capabilities (I really have no idea how to use spreadsheets) but splitting transactions is one of the few.


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