Split transaction workflow shows "no category column" in category dropdown

I have a question about the Splitter workflow from Tiller Money Labs.

Hi Larry,

Whats your question? Here’s a guide on using the Splitter Tool.

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve successfully used Split Transaction for some time - but it is not working for me now.

Tiller Money Labs, Tools, Split Transactions. In the lightly greyed area are the words: Original Transaction “No Category Column” … and it will not let me get past “No Category Column” to select the category I need to use. The Transaction sheet displays the correct category.

What must I do to regain access to the splitter and enter needed categories? I can send more details, or a screenshot if helpful.
Larry Carr

Hi @larry.cocarr,

I think you just need to make sure that the word “Category” is in the Category column in row 1 on the Transactions sheet or if there is no Category column add one.

Screenshot showing the Transaction Sheet and a Split Transaction option from Tiller Money Labs, attached.

Transaction sheet, the column heading for column D is “Category”.
Line 6 on this sheet shows a net social security income entry pulled from my checking acct ($1429) into this Tiller sheet. But I need a split transaction so gross social security income will be $1573 less $144.60 for the amount of medical premium withheld by social security administration.

Split transaction module shown on the screenshot says: Original Transaction gas “No Category Column”. The up-down arrows are frozen. They will not allow me to select an alternative to “No Category Column”.

Obviously I am missing a step along the way. What am I doing wrong?
Larry Carr

@larry.cocarr, I can’t reproduce this. If you try retying “Category” in that column in row 1 and then re-launch the Labs add-on and try again?

Following your suggestion. Retyped “Category” line 1, column D. Signed out of Tiller, came back in, back to Add-Ons, etc, and same as before. In Tiller Labs, Split Transaction, it still says Original Transaction “No Category Column” and the up/down arrows are frozen.

To repeat, yes in Transactions, I deleted the heading “Category”, line 1 Column D, and then retyped the word Category.

@randy do you have any ideas?

This is a puzzling, @larry.cocarr. The most likely issue would be, as @heather notes, that either the sheet name or column name somehow isn’t an exact text match with what the add-on is expecting. The most likely culprit would be a typo or stray space in the sheet name “Transactions” or column name “Category”. I hate to keep asking the same question, but are you certain that neither has an extra space?

If you can confirm that both text strings match exactly and you’re still having issues, I can review the code in detail and see if anything else could cause this problem.

Sorry for this issue. We haven’t seen it before.

I agree with every one of your comments knowing that an ever so slight deviation can create problems. I too am stymied on this one. I have deleted the word “Category” from Transactions, closed Tiller, reopened Tiller, reentered “Category” to column D (with no extra spaces), gone back to the Split transactions and this error message remains:

Ssa Treas 310 Xxsoc Sec * Ssa
Original Transaction

I’ve even done the same with the description in column C, line 11 (removed it, closed Tiller, reopened, etc.). It is obvious to me there remains an error someplace and I may be the cause. Unfortunately, I do not know what the error is or how to correct it.

@larry.cocarr, do you get this issue on any transaction you try to split or only this one specifically?

This one, specifically. A similar but separate transaction on 6.23.20 worked fine. This one, dated 7.01.20 is the problem.


The "No Category Column" error message makes it look like the code couldn’t find the Category column in the Transactions sheet, but the issue actually that it can’t find the Category column in the Categories sheet (where it pulls the category list for the splitter dropdown from).

In your sheet, it looks like you accidentally renamed the Category column in the Categories sheet to "35". Changing this to "Category" will fix the splitter.

Thanks for your patience as we sorted through this issue.

Solving my problem had to be simple, and thanks to you, it was. How or when I did that I have no idea. But should it ever happen again, I’ll bet I can fix it on my own. Thanks Randy. Thank you very much.
Larry Carr

I wish I had noticed the issue earlier in your help request. Thanks for your patience.



I should have thought of this.