Amazon Transaction SIMPLE Overview: Do I Have This Right?

I was using the importer, but most of my Amazon transactions are a single item. With the change in Amazon reporting, I see myself this year just coding the transactions myself without using the lab tool.

I’d appreciate confirmation of the basics here.

If I have a 2 item purchase and historically have categorized all Amazon purchases as a “Transfer” (v. “Amazon”), am I right my Tiller Transaction sheet might/should look like this:

Am I right, I essentially add all 3 lines for accurate reporting of an Amazon split expense?

Thanks so much!

That looks reasonable.

You could also use the Transaction Splitter, which might be more simple. That’s what I do.

Thanks, Michael! Your reply is appreciated and helpful. (LOL, I have to type this much for it to post!)

If you are managing your Amazon purchases manually, @Larry, I’d consider skipping the whole Transfer and Offset approach. Just use the splitter to split the credit-card charge manually into the Tools & Hardware line items.

Perfect Thanks much easier.